Following the success of our involvement at SURFACES │StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas the past couple of years, we are pleased to once again be preparing for another hit show in 2012.  

Trends Hub

The Trends Hub, which made its debut this year, was so well received we’ve been invited to co-curate the area again – and we were delighted to recently discover that next year the Hub will be taking a more central location.  We’re already talking about a very exciting new concept with the fabulous Hanley Wood team which will provide a chic setting to showcase the all-important future trends inside.  We’re currently drawing-up the plans to create a Hub that will be both a comfortable and inspiring space for visitors to spend time looking at the trends and the most innovative products from show exhibitors, as well as a destination for chilling-out and meeting-up!  

Victoria Redshaw


 In addition, Victoria will be presenting an inspiring 90 minute trend seminar on Wednesday 25th from 8am – 9.30am, where she’ll start by explaining the forecasting process we follow at Scarlet Opus.  She’ll continue by looking in detail at the Design and Colour trends we’ll see evolve through 2012 into 2013 focusing on the colours, materials, patterns and textures, shapes, surface finishes, and styling that will resonate with consumers over the next couple of years.  

Speed Trending Tour


Then from 10am – 11.30am she’ll be conducting another of her whirlwind Speed Trending Tours, jam-packed full of valuable trend information and the best products and innovations from the show through the eyes of a Trend Forecaster.  

So today I want to share a sneak peek at some of the trends we’ll be talking about in January …  

We arrive at 2012 looking at things from a different perspective, a new stand point of positivity and determination to set things right.  A global reboot!  The seasons styles are seductively sensorial: sound waves of patterns, high pitched colours, sharp fractured shapes – we awaken to a new aesthetic.  This is a season of change, chaos, and contradictions; products soothe us, schemes shake us up, patterns reassure us, and colours alarm us.  A beautifully imperfect harmony.  

Portion of Eco Carnival Trends Board

ECO CARNIVAL is a global fusion trend of rhythmic patterns, bright botanicals, and tribal geometrics with a South American beat as Rio takes centre stage for the Earth Summit with a global focus on Sustainability and Green Issues.

Patterns include oversized Amazonian botanical florals and pumped-up tribal geometrics whilst Aztec and African mash-ups set the tone. 

The colour palette is a jungle of lush greens punctuated with exotic bloom brights and fruity accents.  Combinations of Tiger Lily and Turquoise are key.  

Section of Colour Capital Trends Board


COLOUR CAPITAL is dynamic, energetic, and uncontained; this trend is super-charged, taking inspiration from contemporary youth culture and London’s unique city style.  

Fractured, angular shapes, bolts of colour, and clashing patterns come together to create this very alive look.  Simple geometrics work well with urban graffiti inspired surface pattern designs, strong colour blocking and Pop Art inspiration.  

The plugged-in colour palette of sporty brights reinforces the energy of this trend and we see a highlighter yellow and clashing pinks and reds working with a concrete, city grey which adds the all-important urban edge.  

Section of the Abyss Trends Board


THE ABYSS is an exploration into the depths of the world’s Oceans; the unexplored, the unknown, the extraordinary.  Think illuminations, ultra-violet lasers, and lighting with a shadowy glow; product design and surface textures are inspired by jellyfish, sea urchins, scorpions, and coral whilst surface pattern designs include watermark effects, wave patterns, and Rorschach inspired prints.  

Mysterious, deep sea shades make up the colour palette of ultra and aqua marine, sparkling turquoise, jade, and beautiful lapis lazuli – an important colour of the season – illuminated by ultra violet, with coral and neon accents. 

Section of Majestic Minimalism Trend Board

MAJESTIC MINIMALISM is a perfect marriage of tradition and modernity as it simultaneously takes a look back as it moves ahead. 

Ornate forms and historical references to Baroque and Rococo periods are reworked with a minimalistic styling.  Laser-cut leathers, elegant cut-out wall coverings, and Baroque scrollwork add sophisticated detail to simple products in chalky tones.  

Colours are refined yet majestic: plaster of Paris and foundation tones work with accents of royal red, Princess blue, and tuxedo black.  

And here is an exclusive preview of what things look like in 2013 …  

Aurora Photographed by Frank Olsen


Aurora is a well-being trend; it has an ice-cold and silent, very pure beauty.  Our growing obsession with clean air post-Japan’s nuclear meltdown inspires Architects and Designers to look at microscopic medicine, biology and chemistry as we continue to see Biomimetics informing Design.  Coloured spectrums of light bursts make up this palette in an ethereal mix of über pale tints and iridescent shimmer.  

Virtual Reality is hi-tech and confidently intelligent, exploring the new visual language being created by contemporary Light Artists.  Think LED Architecture, urban Laser Projections, and Holokinetic Art.  A move on from Colour Capital in its maturity, this is Plugged-In Sophistication.       

Hotel Puerta America by Plasma Studio


Old To New, the season’s new Fusion trend, perhaps more significant than any we have previously explored; bringing together the trend for Simplicity and Self-Sufficiency with an energised integration of technology inspired by plugged-in Urban Homesteaders.  Combining technology and the contemporary aesthetics of fast-paced modern life with rural sensibilities, community spirit, and a nod to nostalgic traditions.

Forces of Nature.  Earth, Air, Fire and Water: At a time when the forces of nature seem to be conspiring against us, International Designers take inspiration from the natural powers of earthquakes, volcanoes, and intense weather systems.  Aspects of hot flowing lava, cracked structures and surface finishes, lightning strikes, and deconstructed forms converge in this trend built on a dark, stormy colour palette. 

Ancient Times explores ancient elements from the great civilisations of the Mediterranean.  This trend projects a beautifully understated grandeur.  Quietly confident simplexity comes in the form of an investigation into sculpted and smooth forms and finishes juxtaposed against the crumbling, crumpled, and peeling layers of architectural ruins.  A fascinating balance between a heavy, monolithic Minimalism is offset by diaphanous and ornate detailing: a purposeful restraint prevails.

Emporium is the elaborate sibling to Ancient Times with a highly embellished, sophisticated glamour.  This is a fusion of the Great Empires as Designers take inspiration from Ancient Queens such as Cleopatra and Empress Theodora.  Expect to see a 1920’s Parisian vibe in Art Deco geo’s alongside Damasks and eastern inspired scrollwork.  Metallic effects work with a rich palette of beautiful jewel tones and an old, aged gold.     

St Hilaire Church by Mathieu Lehanneur

Welcome to the future!  We look forward to seeing you at the show! 


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